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If you’re looking for what’s “in the pipe” with Fite Plumbing, we’re providing additional news, information and plumbing insights for Central Indiana homes and businesses in our ongoing effort to help you “Take the Fite to Your Pipes!”
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5 Signs of a Home Plumbing Leak to Watch For

5 Signs of a Home Plumbing Leak to Watch For

It’s one thing to have a busted pipe upstairs start a “rain cloud” over your living room. Water leaking through the ceiling is an obvious sign that something is wrong with your plumbing system. But what about those other, not-so-obvious plumbing leak problems?   5...

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Gas Lines Fuel the Fun for Outdoor Features

When the sun stays out longer, it’s normal to want to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. One of the best ways to make your backyard more inviting is with a new feature. If you want the fun to continue past dinner and into the evening, you really can’t go wrong...

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How is Your Sump Pump Working?

Everyone has heard of a sump pump, but do you know what it is? Besides being fun to say, it is a submersible pump that is situated at the lowest point of your crawl space or basement. The groundwater that surrounds the foundations of your home is then channeled to a...

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You Have a Clogged Garbage Disposal, Now What?

We've all been there. Instead of throwing something away in the trash, we take the easy way out and dump it down our drain. Sometimes we can get away with it, without damaging our plumbing. But what happens when we don't? How Do You Get a Clogged Garbage Disposal?...

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