Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps have a way of communicating when something isn’t right. Learning how to interpret these signs and act accordingly is critical. There are many indicators that your heat pump may need repair and here at Fite, we are here to help!

Can Your Heat Pump Be Repaired?

If your heat pump is giving you trouble, yes, we can repair your heat pump! For an accurate estimate, give Fite Plumbing a call at (317) 271-5400 to schedule a visit from one of our skilled technicians.


Cost of Repairing a Leak in a Heat Pump

The cost of repairing a leak in a heat pump depends on the extent of the problem. Typically, a heat pump leak repair costs a few hundred dollars. To have an expert technician repair your heat pump’s leak, contact Fite Plumbing at (317) 271-5400.


Recognizing Signs Your Heat Pump May Require Repair

Unusual Noises

Heat pumps typically operate quietly. However, if you start hearing new or strange noises, it’s a sign that something is amiss. Loose or damaged components often cause these noises and should be addressed promptly to prevent further damage.


Moldy or Musty Smells

If you detect moldy or musty odors from your heat pump, there may be an issue with the condensate drain or a buildup of dust and debris. These issues can significantly reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of your heat pump and require the attention of a technician.

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Inconsistent Temperature Control

When your heat pump cycles on and off before achieving the desired temperature, it’s time to call a technician. This issue prevents you from enjoying the comfort you expect, and our experts can diagnose and repair your system accordingly.


Obstructed Airflow

When air doesn’t flow properly throughout your home, obstructed airflow is likely the culprit. Excessive ice buildup on the coil is a common cause of this issue, which can also impede other moving parts within the heat pump unit.

Unexpected Increase in Energy Bills

If your energy bills are significantly and inexplicably increasing, it may indicate an inefficiency in your heating system or an underlying issue that requires attention.

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