Sewer line repair services

Addressing warning signs of a sewer line issue early on is crucial to prevent costly replacements. Fite Plumbing is well-versed in identifying these signs and offering fast sewer line repair solutions. Look out for the following indicators that your sewer line may be deteriorating, broken, or clogged.

Common Warning Signs of a Broken or Deteriorating Sewer Line

  • Extra Green Grass or Lush Patches in the Yard: Underground sewer line leaks can act as fertilizers, causing unusually green and lush patches in your yard.
  • Sewer Gas Odor: Strong sewage odors in or around your house suggest a crack in the main sewer line. Sewer lines should be airtight, except for the roof vent.
  • Lawn Indentation: A cracked or broken sewer main line continuously saturates the yard, leading to soil erosion. As a result, indentations or dips in your lawn form above the sewer line.

Our sewer line repair plumbers will assess the issue and determine the necessary repairs before initiating any work. Our goal is to provide a clear understanding of the best solution for your home’s sewer line.

Clogged Sewer Line? Here’s What You Need To Do

If your home’s sewer line is clogged, it’s advisable to contact the professionals at Fite Plumbing for a repair. Our expert technicians will conduct a sewer line inspection to locate the obstruction and work with you to determine the best solution before proceeding with any further work.

Depth of Sewer Line Burial

If you’re experiencing issues with your sewer line, it’s important to know that these lines are typically buried at a depth of around six feet, although this can vary. At Fite Plumbing, our knowledgeable team can assess the optimal depth for your home’s sewer line, ensuring your system flows smoothly.

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Sewer Line Installation Process

With multiple installation and replacement options, choosing the best method can be overwhelming. But don’t worry. Fite Plumbing has got you covered. Let our expert sewer line technicians assess your situation and recommend the most suitable installation method for your needs. Contact us today to schedule a visit and ensure your home’s sewer system is in top shape.

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