Coordinating the plumbing features in commercial spaces is no easy task, so it’s important to have a trusted plumbing contractor on the job. The right experience will help ensure that your building’s water and sewer needs are always met. Get your plumbing designed properly the first time can help prevent costly repairs down the road.

Common Problems with Commercial Plumbing Projects

Because different industries have their own concerns and codes to comply with, no two projects will ever be the same. Whether you need to integrate your plumbing with a fire sprinkler system or redesign your site’s storm water and retention system, Fite Plumbing is here to help.

Sprinkler System Integration

Safety standards for commercial-grade sprinkler systems must be followed closely keep your building safe. The plumbing designs are a key concern for passing your inspections. An experienced plumbing company will know how to coordinate with your building’s layout to place the pipes efficiently. With their careful design, your sprinklers will be supplied with all the water they need in case of emergency.
In high-occupancy areas, water pressure is also a concern. The fire-suppressant system must have enough water, even if the other areas of the building are using water simultaneously. The systems’ capacity must always meet or exceed even the highest the water demand estimates in your facility.

Industrial Storm Systems

Buildings that don’t utilize downspouts or gutters need a reliable plumbing system to help redirect rainwater. With an industrial retention system, storm water is collected from strategically-placed roof drains. A plumbing system then transfers the water away from the rooftop, and into a secondary site.
Designing a storm system can become complicated for plumbers who don’t have commercial experience. Proper draining systems for larger commercial buildings requires a special skill set. The right crew will know how to design a setup that will keep your structure safe. Working with a trusted plumbing company can help you get the industrial designs you need, plus the quality installation the system needs in order to last.

Commercial Piping Drains

A properly fitted piping drain helps simplify cleanup in kitchen areas. It sounds simple enough, but plumbing designs for commercial kitchens need to be handled by the experts. The pipe and drain need to be placed in strategic locations on the floor for mopping and water flow to be handled properly. These designs are also helpful for commercial bathrooms and even mechanical rooms.
Unfortunately, there are many problems that can arise if the piping drains aren’t installed correctly. First, the pipes should never be run longer than is absolutely necessary. Second, the gradient must be carefully considered to make sure the floor will be safe and effective for proper drainage. Communication between the builder and plumber is of the utmost importance. Reliable plumbing performance can only be handled with the experts, like the ones you’ll find at Fite Plumbing.

Industrial Plumbing Designs with Fite

All too often, commercial plumbing problems all come down to inexperience. If the designs aren’t installed correctly from the beginning, it’s only a matter of time before issues arise. Noticing sewer smells or running out of hot water can have a big, negative impact on your bottom line. Other issues may be harder to spot. Frequent clogs, for example, can be a sign of a more serious problem with your commercial plumbing.
If you’re getting ready to redesign your commercial space, or are just getting ready to build a new site that needs plumbing, call on Fite Plumbing to help. We’ll give you and your crew the detailed analysis you need to make sure the plumbing work is done right. Please give us a call at 317-271-5400 or send us a message to learn more about our process. Together, we’ll help bring – and keep – your space up to code!