According to the Uni-Bell PVC Association, 5,258,451 water mains have broken in the United States since the year 2000. It’s no surprise to people who deal with water pipes on a regular basis like we do here at Fite Plumbing, but it is a surprise when a broken water main happens at your home or business. And it’s not a pleasant surprise, we know.
The fact is that corrosion and breakdown of materials used for the pipes are significant causes of the breaks. Many pipes still in use today are made from metals like iron or copper that corrode or materials like concrete and fired clay that crack and break.
Replacing entire systems is a costly endeavor, so don’t hold your breath waiting for this kind of change. Commonly, changes are made as break occur. That means as a homeowner or business property holder, you need to be on the watch for the signs of leaking or broken water mains.
Don’t be fooled into thinking that all water mains break and result in those spewing gushing geysers you see on TV and in the movies. The first indicators are not as dramatic … and, in truth, you really don’t want them to become that dramatic, either!

Water main break signs and indicators

Leaks generally start small and grow larger over time. Watch for these signals that there is a problem with a line coming into your property:

  • Changes in water pressure inside your home or property
  • A stream of water flowing near a foundation, across a drive or across the property
  • A hissing sound when water is not running on the property
  • Sunken sidewalks, drives or parking areas

Not all of these signs mean that you have a broken or leaking water main, but should be investigated by a professional plumber. As a family-owned business, all of us here at Fite Plumbing understand that a major break can be a major disruption for families and businesses, so we encourage everyone to take care of any potential plumbing problems when they are small – before they become emergencies that can be very costly, too.
Because plumbing problems and water damage don’t happen on your schedule, or in the regular 9 to 5 business day, Fite Plumbing offers emergency service 24/7, 365 days a year!
Keep an eye out for water main breaks and for leaks in and around your property and contact Fite Plumbing to get them repaired before they create lots of damage. Don’t worry – you’ve got Fite in your corner!