Leave the fright of fall to the ghosts and goblins! Don’t let seasonal plumbing issues take you by surprise. Taking preventive measures in the fall is best, but there are times when you may need emergency plumbing services and that’s when you can count on Fite Plumbing and our emergency plumbing services.
Two of the main culprits for plumbing emergencies that can be addressed in the fall are sump pumps and outdoor water lines.

Sump Pumps

 One of the characteristics of fall weather is increased rain and that means sump pumps will be working overtime. If you have a basement or crawl be sure enough sump pumps are in place and in good working order. If you aren’t sure your property is properly situated with that equipment, Fite Plumbing offers expertise on placement and number of sump pumps that are needed for the square footage of your home as well as sump pump options available. Even if you have enough sump pumps and they seem to be in good working order, emergencies still happen. A sump pump failure can mean big expense if not addressed quickly. When you first notice something seems amiss, give us a call to check it out.

Outdoor Spigots/Faucets

 Falling temps can eventually mean frozen pipes if you didn’t prepare your outdoor faucets. Although vital, it is easy to forget to shut off and drain outdoor spigots and faucets. If you forget to disconnect the hose and turn off the water to the outdoor spigot it can result in a rupture in the line deep in the walls or foundation of the house. This rupture may not be discovered until there is a thaw next spring and then you’ve got a big surprise. Fite Plumbing can help you if that happens, but we also like to remind homeowners in the fall.

5 MORE ways to avoid plumbing emergencies and unpleasant springtime surprises

  • Make a list of seasonal plumbing maintenance and mark your calendar for a maintenance day
  • Check sump pump lines, connections and condition on a routine basis
  • Disconnect and reconnect outdoor hoses from the spigot and turn water valve on or off at the source as the season dictates
  • Remember to drain irrigation and sprinkler systems in the fall as Indiana winters can easily freeze water left in the lines, rupturing them
  • Home with water softeners in the garages need to insulate them and monitor them through the winter
  • When temperatures plummet for extended periods in the winter, be sure to run water through lines connected to faucets, tubs, and showers, especially in bathrooms or utility rooms located on outside walls or that are used infrequently

If you find yourself in need of emergency plumbing services, rest assured that Fite Plumbing phones at 317-271-5400 are monitored 24 hours a day.

Not every plumber provides emergency service. We want our customers to know that when they call Fite Plumbing, they will always receive outstanding emergency service from the moment of the first call all the way through to the resolution of the plumbing issue.
We pride ourselves on providing excellent services by timely professionals with up-front pricing – and that includes during emergencies, too!