Installing a steam generator in your shower isn’t a privilege saved for the Hollywood elite. What if you could have it that pampered spa feeling at home in your bathroom? You can. Plus, there are lots of benefits to having a fancy, high-quality steam shower. Having a steam generator in your shower opens your pores and sinuses. It makes you feel like you’re on vacation. And, best, it’s one thing that is self-cleaning.

Installing a steam generator to create a steam shower is much easier than you might think, and here’s how to do it.

What Do You Need to Install a Steam Generator?

First, you need to know the proper location for the generator. While the steam ends up in the shower, most people have no idea where the generator that supplies that steam needs to be located. To make sure you aren’t spending too much money on piping and electrical wire, place the generator as close to the shower as possible.

The generator also needs access to the electrical grid, needs to be hooked into the cold water supply, as well as close to a drain. That last one is easy to overlook when installing a steam generator, but drainage is unavoidable, so make sure to keep that in mind.

When Should You Install It? Is it a DIY Project?

A steam generator is best installed during bathroom construction. If you install the generator later by itself, you will be tearing apart the bathroom to make all the connections. If you don’t have a steam-proof shower, you’ll need to have that installed as well. The walls and ceiling of your shower should not be permeable. Focus on adding ceramic tiles and certain natural stones rather than something porous.

A limestone shower, for example, is highly porous, and it could become damaged by the steam. Additionally, you should have a sloped ceiling to prevent the water from dripping down on you in the shower.

Finally, ensure the shower is fully enclosed with a vent window. Confirm your shower is prepared to handle the steam. If it is not, rebuild it to be one that is, which takes more time and more money. Doing so ensures you will enjoy it and not regret it later. If you are already constructing a bathroom or installing a new room, that’s the best time to add it to the plan. You’ll be able to easily install the steam generator without spending a lot of money and time.

How To Install The Steam Generator

Once you buy and find space for a steam generator, you should connect the control unit and steam valve to the shower. Then, install the control panel so you can access everything without leaving the shower. Complete this final step and steam will fill your shower with the simple tap of a button.

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