Outdoor faucet covers might not be very attractive to your landscape, but they can be an important inexpensive addition to serve a variety of very important functions.




The main reason people install outdoor faucet covers is to winterize them and to protect the pipes from freezing and causing a rupture. It doesn’t take long for a snap of icy temperatures to cause the water in your spigot or your indoor pipes to freeze. As the water freezes, it expands and can crack your plumbing. Replacing your faucet can be a nuisance to replace, but a broken pipe and the resultant water damage can lead to an expensive repair and clean- up job.

Even in milder climates protecting your faucets is a good idea. Nearly any region can be hit with unexpected cold weather.

While there are specialty outdoor spigots marketed as “freeze-proof,” there is no guarantee that these faucets will not freeze in the coldest weather. Even these faucets can benefit from outdoor faucet covers properly installed.


Protection for Your Outdoor Faucets


A cover for your outdoor faucets can not only protect your faucet and pipes from freezing, but many covers include a lock. Locking your faucet can protect you against someone illegally using your faucet and raising your water bill!


Prevent Drafts


Cold winter winds find their way into any crack or hole in your building. A faucet provides this access into your building. Often the outdoor faucets extend from crawlspaces or garages and can lead to a cold air entering your building as well as warm air escaping. To control chilly drafts and save money on heating bills, cover as many openings to the outside as possible, including your faucets!


Pest Prevention


Insects, mice and other small pests want to stay warm during the winter. They also like to access inside buildings to look for food or shelter at all times of the year. It is amazing how small of a space these pests can squeeze through and enter your building. Once pests take residence, they can be difficult to get out. Covering your outdoor faucets will provide a barrier to pests entrance.



Few people think of using faucet covers during warm weather. However, they can be important if you have you have young children. A curious toddler will love to fiddle with anything he can grasp. If they manage to turn on water without anyone noticing, your water bill can soar. In addition, in the warmer months, when using a hose, we often leave them connected to the faucet. When the faucet is turned off, there is still water left behind in the hose. This water can be heated by the sun and become dangerously hot. Keeping your faucet covered and your hose protected can help prevent injury to young child.

How Outdoor Faucet Covers Work


Most outdoor faucet covers use one of two styles. Either they are made of rigid thermal foam with a flexible gasket along the edges, or they are flexible insulated bags that secure around the spigots. Outdoor faucet covers work by trapping heat that naturally radiates through the interior pipes to the outdoor spigot. The insulated cover prevents this radiated heat from escaping and therefore prevents water in the faucet from freezing, expanding, and rupturing the spigot.



Installing outdoor faucet covers should be done before a freeze. The procedure is aimed at removing as much water as you can so there is little or no trapped water that can freeze inside the faucet or the pipes.

1.    Disconnect hoses or any other accessories from the faucet.

2.    Inspect the faucet for leaks or necessary repairs. Make these repairs before installing a faucet cover.

3.    Shut off the water and completely drain the faucet and the pipes from all water.

4.    Install the faucet cover!

Your outdoor faucets are now protected! As you can see, this small inexpensive accessory can provide you many benefits! Save yourself the trouble and effort – Call us at Fite Plumbing and we can set you up! 317-271-5400.

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