Giving your loved one flowers or chocolate can be a sweet way to show that you care. But what about the presents that they’ll use each and every day? A home upgrade can be a smarter choice. The options don’t just benefit your significant other. No, likewise, they also add value to your home, too! For that reason, this year, consider showering your significant other with the gift of a luxurious bathroom.

Working with an experienced plumbing company can help you build the perfect place to get ready in the morning, or relax in the tub at night as well. The best bathroom designs feature fixtures that are both attractive and highly-functional Therefore, these pieces make for truly thoughtful gifts.

1. Bathroom Luxury: Sleek and Modern Showerheads

Creating a spa-like setting in your master bath starts with your showerhead. Whether you’re looking to complete a total bathroom redesign or you’re just tackling the shower, consider what luxury looks like to your loved one. For instance, a rainhead provides a soft, drenching type of shower. Other showerheads create more pressure. Another winning option might be a multi-head shower! It comes down to what would make your loved one happy, and add value to your home as well.

For those who want to save a little on their water bill, a WaterSense showerhead may be the way to go. These products can have up to 40 percent of water savings. Similarly, with great flow rates and technical designs, you won’t even be able to tell the difference. It’s often worth switching out your old unit with a more efficient model. Therefore, these also make fantastic gifts for environmentally conscious consumers.

2. Beautiful Bathroom Fixtures

The bathroom sink fixtures that came with you home might be outdated, in addition to scratched, or just plain grimy. Swapping these units out with a new style or finish can completely change the tone of your master bath. Browsing a manufacturer’s selection, like Delta, Kohler or others, helps you really think outside the box.

From modern designs with sharp angles and black or chrome finishes, to more traditional styles with rounded edges, the possibilities are endless. First, think about your loved one’s personal design throughout the rest of the house. Then ask how you can elevate your bathroom fixtures to match that same sense of style? Talking with your local plumbing company about the latest bathroom faucets on the market can help narrow your focus. The end result will be a real delight!

3. Luxury is a Comfortable Walk-In Bath

For easy movement in the bathroom, a walk-in tub can be a thoughtful and comfortable upgrade. These units (in particular, the Kohler Walk-In Bath) come with a multifunction handshower, air jets, and even heated back, neck, and shoulder surfaces. Talk about indulgence! In addition, safety features include low step-ins and secure handrails. That way, you’ll know your loved one can easily enter and exit the tub.

Without a doubt, new faucets, a new jetted tub, or multi-head shower could be the very thing that reminds your significant other every day why they chose you. These fixtures can also show your mother, in-laws, or other family member that you care, too. At Fite Plumbing, we’re proud to make dream bathrooms a reality.

We have relationships with the best of the best in the plumbing world. That means we can help you source and install just about any new fixture you envision. We work with main brand products like Delta and Kohler, as well as other high-end manufacturers, including Vitra and Sloan. Check out our plumbing product page to learn more. There’s a lot to discover, so let’s start checking out your options today!