We use our bathrooms to get ourselves cleaned up, but these areas sure are great at getting dirty! Because water leaks and closed up windows prevent good air circulation, your bathroom can quickly become a breeding ground for mold. This is bad for the health of both people and pets, so it’s best to be on the lookout—and to prevent mold problems whenever possible.

Mold and Your Health

Bathrooms often remain damp and dark, which makes them great places for mold to hang out. Many people have heard of the severe allergic reactions caused by black mold, but it’s important to realize that other molds can also be toxic. The most common type of mold you might find in your home is called aspergillus. This can easily cause allergies to flare up for both people and pets. Keeping a clean bathroom may not be enough to stop its growth if your bathroom is too damp.
The other type of mold that is commonly found is cladosporium. While it isn’t as dangerous as black mold, exposure to it can still lead to a sore throat or watery eyes. Some people even notice respiratory problems when mold levels are high. This can be especially risk for children. Poor air quality is known to worsen respiratory conditions, and might even encourage a lifelong issue like asthma.

Keeping Bathroom Mold Away

If you want to keep bathroom mold away—and not just have a never-ending cleaning project—there are a few things to note. Since mold loves moisture, you’ll need to catch any leaks in your bathroom right away. It also helps to run your exhaust fan whenever to take a hot shower. This will help draw that excess moisture out of your space and discourage new bathroom mold growth. For serious cases, you might need to consider getting a dehumidifier for your space. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that!

  • Fix bathroom leaks right away
  • Run your exhaust fan while bathing
  • Utilize a dehumidifier when necessary

Of course, if you’re still dealing with a lingering mold-y odor, it might be a good idea to run all of your bathroom fabrics through the wash. Don’t let your bathroom towels and rugs go too long with a hot bath of their own. This can help keep those musty smells from sticking around.
Following these steps for bathroom mold prevention can help you keep your family healthy—as well as your employees and customers in commercial restrooms. By taking care of leaks and evidence right away, you’ll be better equipped to stop mold from taking hold on your bathroom tile, shower curtains, and other nooks and crannies!
When you need help locating the key sources of moisture in your bathroom, Fite Plumbing can be your trusted expert. Our professional plumbers can even make the necessary repairs to prevent additional water damage of mold growth in these susceptible areas. Contact us today to help you out! A little prevention can go a long way.