Have you ever considered installing your own dog washing station? Save on trips and tips to the groomer by washing Fido at home.  Dogs love to get dirty, and they really love being stinky. It’s in their nature. But it’s human nature to love our dogs and not their stink. Plus, dirt and fun always seem to go together. Whether you’ve had a boisterous visit to the dog park or it’s time for their weekly bath, your best friend needs thorough care.

With a self-made dog washing station, you’ll never have to worry about sharing a dirty bathtub or cleaning up a grimy, slippery bathroom floor. Having a dog washing station gives your pet the care and comfort in their own special area, which is safe and convenient for both of you.

Installing a dog washing station in your home takes two or three days. The experts can likely have it finished much quicker, though. It’s actually a pretty advanced job if you don’t know plumbing basics, but we’re here to help. (You can even check out what some of our clients have to say about us.)

The Basics of a Good Dog Washing Station

Building a dog wash station is like a scaled-down, modified shower cubicle.

  • Splash water protection: Every dog ​​owner knows this dramatic moment when the dog shakes off the water. The six-inch walls of the dog wash area will keep most of this wetness out of the rest of the house.
  • Ideal height: A self-made dog washing station is usually approximately 24 x 32 inches high. That’s 6 inches lower than most kitchen counters. However, you can adjust the station to any height that is best for you and your pooch.
  • Hot and cold water supply: Your dog appreciates lukewarm or room warm water. In addition, warm water cleans better than cold water. This is why you need a faucet that has both hot and cold water.
  • Drain: The soapy washing water has to go somewhere. This station flows into your home’s main sewer system.
  • Placement: The dog washing station is easily installed in an accessible bathroom, replacing the existing washbasin in the bathroom. If you choose this location, you already have hot and cold water pipes and a drain. And since it’s a bathroom, the flooring should already be waterproof. However, if you need a new room with proper pipes and waterproofing, call the experts at Fite Plumbing so we can start you off on the right paw.

Before You Begin

Check with your local building authority to see if permits are required. Typically, a permit isn’t necessary to replace a sink. However, since this is a one-time installation, you may need permission. Every town and every neighborhood is different. Or, you can let us do all the heavy lifting for you.


Installing a dog washing station is a wonderful gift for you and your pup. Need help? Call the professionals at 317-271-5400 to see what Fite Plumbing can do for you.

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