It’s funny when we talk to people about plumbing. Some people think that pipes and plumbing are pipes and plumbing no matter when or where you’re dealing with them. Others look at commercial properties and think there is some huge difference in the plumbing for those. There is an argument for both perspectives.

Pipes and plumbing is, essentially, pipes and plumbing

The theory behind plumbing is the same for residential applications as it is for commercial projects. The basics are bringing water in and out of a building. Both kinds of properties can have sinks, toilets, showers, washing machines, and the need for sump pumps. Fresh water coming in and dirty water going out. But there are certain things that a professional plumber will know that makes it all work properly; things like traps, backflow preventers, how to properly level each pipe, local regulations and compliance requirements.
Specialized plumbing applications require knowledge and experience
That being said, experience and knowledge goes beyond knowing the basics. For instance, if your commercial property is a restaurant, you are dealing with food and food byproducts – like grease. Improperly installed drains, traps, and the like will cause you no end of trouble and, in fact, could be a determining factor in the success – or failure – of your business. No eatery customer wants to have to deal with puddles on the floor or foul odors. In addition, clogged or backed up kitchen drains could impact the health department inspections, potentially closing you down.
On the other hand, if your business has a filtration system in place that re-circulates water and has specifications to meet, any flaw in the plumbing of the system throughout could cause a breakdown in the system process, resulting in the flow to exceed, or not meet specification.
So while, yes, pipes and plumbing is pipes and plumbing, understanding different plumbing systems and applications can make a huge difference in whether your plumbing needs are met.
Think of it this way, you wouldn’t ask a guy who specializes in building decks and garden sheds to build your house. He might have the ability to do it, but probably not the expertise and knowledge to do it properly. That’s why it’s a good idea to work with plumbers who are experienced in the kind of plumbing you need. Here at Fite Plumbing, we rely on our clients to let us know we are doing it right in both residential and commercial plumbing services.

In both, there are rules and regulations, but compliance in a commercial property does not mean the same thing as compliance in a residential project.
At Fite Plumbing, we know the similarities, and the differences. We have plumbers who have years of experience in residential and commercial plumbing. When you work with Fite Plumbing, you aren’t taking a chance that your plumber knows what they are doing. Fact is that you can rely on the Fite plumber who services your need will have the knowledge, experience, resources and equipment needed to get the job done – right!
We don’t give home- and business-owners any more headaches. Nope, in fact, we solve their problems and we like it that way! Contact us via our website, or call us today at 317-271-5400 for any of your plumbing needs.