Talk to anyone in food service and you’ll soon discover their appreciation for big sinks with grand faucets complete with sprayers. Anyone, anywhere that cooks loves such a set up! But along with such accommodating features come the hazards of plumbing in food service environments. Production in a commercial kitchen can come to a screeching halt when there are plumbing problems.
Things must flow properly in commercial kitchens. Chefs, cooks, and assistants operate like a symphony with food flowing through a process, just like the water has to flow through the drains, pipes and faucets.
The buildup of grease, grime and food particles in pipes can cause clogs, slow drains, and backups, disrupting flow. All three can spell disaster for a commercial kitchen. It’s not just an inconvenience or an annoyance, it can also be a health hazard that can shut down the entire operation.
There are lots of restaurants and eateries in the metro Indianapolis area. And no one who likes to eat wants to see doors closed when they show up for a meal, which is one of the reasons Fite Plumbing has been servicing commercial kitchens and food service operations for years.
Plumbing issues are not only a problem in the kitchen, but in bathrooms as well. Clogged or overflowing toilets are just as much an issue. Both situations require immediate attention for emergencies.
When any kitchen springs a leak or bathroom floods, Fite Plumbing technicians have the experience, tools, and equipment to make repairs happen quickly with as little fuss as possible. On call 24/7, 365 days a year, our plumbing crew is here when you need us in an emergency.

Prevent drain emergencies with regular maintenance

Although we take great pride in being available for emergencies, we also help food service operations prevent major problems and emergencies. At any hint of an impending issue, we urge you to call Fite Plumbing right away. Indications of impending problems include:

  • Drains that slow down
  • Water pressure changes
  • Toilets that require multiple flushes
  • Water stains on ceiling tiles
  • Of course, drips, puddles, and wet floors

Everyone loves water in their kitchens, but water outside flowing pipes can cause lots of damage inside properties, too. Don’t ever let a small sign of trouble become a big problem. If you notice, see, or hear anything that indicates your water isn’t flowing quite right, call Fite Plumbing. Better yet, let’s work together to establish a regular routine of pipe flushing and inspections. Then your kitchen can concentrate on food production, not pipe watching.
Just remember, when things aren’t flowing smoothly in your plumbing, family-owned Fite Plumbing is ready, willing, and prepared to help!