Do you like decorating your spaces in unique and trendy ways? Decorating with exposed pipes is the newest craze in home décor. You may have exposed pipes simply because you bought your home that way. Instead of fighting the look, embrace exposed pipes by adding some flare. Some apartment dwellers and homeowners wrap their exposed pipes in yarn or twice. Some paint the pipes bright colors to show their personality. Some even use them to hang coats, hats, and light fixtures.

Take advantage of this newest trend in home décor. There are lots of ways you can decorate with exposed pipes, whether they were there when you bought the home, or you’re installing them now with purpose.

Decorating with Exposed Pipes


Although having exposed plumbing pipes is very characteristic of industrial-style homes, you can use them in homes with other different decorative techniques. You can show them off in one or two rooms of your home or go all out and have them become part of the home’s aesthetic. You can even use them to hang items or make furniture.


Exposed Pipes on Ceilings and Walls


You can use exposed pipes in your home both on ceilings and on walls. They serve as an attractive and distinctive element that can even hide cables in your home. You can also use them to hang things like lights, baskets, picture frames, and more. The only limitation is your imagination. Also, you can situate pipes at the upper part of the wall where it meets the ceiling. This means you can use exposed pipes that run both vertically and horizontally, giving you many options.


Pipe Colors


You don’t have to leave exposed pipes in their natural coating. Instead, paint the pipes to your liking and to make them match the rest of your home décor. You can contrast and combine these original elements with the tones of your walls, floors, or curtains. In this way, you can create a beautiful composition of colors and materials in your home. Paint them in white, black, gray, copper, silver, or other captivating, vibrant hues.


Hang Things from Exposed Pipes


After you paint your exposed pipes, use them to hang items. Use the pipes as support in your kitchen for cutlery and pots, for example. Plus, you can hang lights and mirrors from them if you have exposed pipes in the bathroom of your house. You can even add small hooks to the pipes anywhere in the house to serve as a coat rack, a spot for umbrellas and hats, or a towel holder.




Introduce large shelves using the exposed piping structure. Gorgeous copper pipes and white wooden shelves in your spaces add a bright pop of color and artistry to any room. Additionally, every room in a house can use extra shelving, especially when the shelves are made with beautiful exposed copper pipes.

Add a ton of personality to any home by decorating with exposed pipes, even installing them as a central decorative element. Play with contrasting colors and textures or become your own specialized organizer by adding hooks and shelves to exposed pipes throughout your home.

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