When you hear the word flood, it’s normal to picture rising water in a nearby creek or river. But there doesn’t need to be a major downpour or big storm to create a flood in your home. That water damage can come from a few different places! Learning a little bit more about the different flood types can help you protect your home.


Reasons for Common Floods that Require Emergency Plumbing


If the streets aren’t overflowing with water, then why is there flooding in your house? Unfortunately, it doesn’t take a natural disaster to flood your home. Smaller storms and broken pipes and appliances can do just as much damage.


  1. Sump Pump Failure


Prevention is almost always easier than dealing with a cleanup. But what if you haven’t been so lucky? Sometimes your sump pump just gives out. Even though you’ve done your due diligence to keep floodwaters out of your basement, the sump pump might not be able to keep up. Then you’re stuck with standing water.


  1. Water Line Break


Not every type of flood is easy to spot. Some homeowners have the misfortune of dealing with an underground plumbing issue. Maybe you’ve had heavy rains in your area. Even if your home is far away from a water source, you might have sitting water on your lawn. That extra weight can cause your soil to press down on your pipes, which might trigger a few cracks and breaks. Then you might be looking at leaking water or sewage. (Not to mention a high water bill!)


On the other hand, some types of outdoor plumbing have problems with clogs. Your pipes might be stuffed with debris, which can cause your indoor plumbing work to back up. The first sign that something is wrong could be overflowing sinks or toilets. If that happens, turn off the water valve and call on a professional to run some diagnostics. You don’t want that water damage ruining your walls and flooring.


  1. Water-Using Appliances


A leaky refrigerator line or a broken tube on your dishwasher or laundry machine can quickly create some puddles in your home. This type of flooding can be easier to deal with in the short-term, but it’s still a big problem if left alone. Whenever you notice water around these machines, please take care to call your local plumbing company before the issue gets worse.


Get Your Repairs in Order with Fite Plumbing!


We’re always sorry to hear that our customers are going through a flooding issue. We know this is one of the last things you want to deal with. But no matter what you’re up against, we can help. Call us out to diagnose the problem and make the repairs you need. Our team at Fite Plumbing on the job to keep your home nice and dry.


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