Under certain circumstances, even a clogged sink can become an emergency. Trying to manage water leaks or overflowing water on your own can be incredibly stressful. Fortunately, you don’t have to go at it alone. An experienced Indianapolis plumber can help you out! If you’re experiencing a major plumbing issue, follow these tips and call Fite Plumbing at (317) 271-5400.

Act Fast in a Plumbing Emergency

Whether you’re facing a burst pipe or an extra-leaky hose for one of your water-using appliances, a plumbing emergency is no laughing matter. It’s important to act fast to ensure you don’t have any long-term damage to your property. Even an issue that seems small in the moment can quickly escalate into a bigger plumbing problem, so you want to get the help you need right away.
It often helps to isolate the issue. For example, to deal with a toilet overflowing, you’d want to turn off the valve sending water to the tank. You can find this fixture behind the toilet itself, near the wall. Turn that valve to “off” so you don’t have a bigger mess to clean up later. Then, if necessary, give your local plumber a call to come out and finish the job.

Utilize Your Shut-Off Valve

Other plumbing emergency triggers though, aren’t as easy to handle. For burst pipes or other major flooding issues, you’ll want to stop all water at your location. Knowing how to find your water shut-off valve ahead of time is a good idea so you can be prepared for a plumbing emergency. Turning off any faucets that are running and closing your main water valve is often your best course of action before you can get a professional plumber to your property.
When possible, it’s best to use your water shut-off valve before you call the plumber. This helps minimize the damage—and even a couple minutes can make a huge difference in your overall repair costs. After you make the call, then you can start mopping up any water on the floor. Grabbing extra towels and placing box fans around the water damage can also help to keep the issue under control until you can get a total fix.

Emergency Plumbing Service with Fite Plumbing

Dealing with an unexpected water emergency in your home or place of work? Contact Fite Plumbing at (317) 271-5400. Our team of experienced plumbers is here to help 24/7. We’re your Indianapolis plumber, conveniently located out of Plainfield, Indiana.
Fite Plumbing currently serves the greater Indianapolis area—so give us a call to get your plumbing emergency fixed fast! We even work outside of regular “business hours” to ensure you get the efficient service you need. With our Emergency Plumbing Response service, we’re working to keep the Central Indiana area safe from major plumbing problems. Send us a message to get your issue resolved the right way.