Getting prepped for a kitchen remodel is always exciting for homeowners. You’ve probably been planning your upgrades for years, and now that the time has come to make real headway, you want to be sure that all of your details are in order. Taking the time to think through your plumbing is a key part of getting a great final project. Even though you don’t see those pipes in the wall, they matter just as much—if not more—than your new cabinets and appliances! The best first step is a plumbing inspection.


Plumbing Checklist for Kitchen Remodels


You need to have a smooth integration of the new with the old during your kitchen remodel. Knowing how your plumbing is laid out might make a big difference in where you place key features. A whole home plumbing inspection can help give you a clear picture of what kind of plumbing you already have. Then you can budget and plan for the missing pieces.


  1. Fridge Line


If your new refrigerator is using a water line for drinking water filtration or an ice maker in the freezer, you need to make sure it will easily connect with your plumbing. Are you wanting to create a recess in the wall and install your fridge that way? Well, you’ll need to know where the pipes are located first! Teaming up with a plumber will help you get those questions answered.


  1. Second Sink


Adding a second sink during your kitchen remodel can be a great upgrade for any home. When you have the space, a second sink outside of the main cooking zone can give you the option of having a second chef in play. You’ll have more options for food prep and handwashing, but you have to know your placement possibilities first.


Can you really install that second sink in the island, or does it need to go somewhere else along the wall? Don’t let your dreams get confused with what’s a realistic design option with your current plumbing.


  1. Drain Details


Another thing you want to watch for is drainage issues. Are you planning to have the right number of holes for your sinks and appliances? You don’t want to overlook these hookups before the dishwasher and fridge get installed! Also, have you picked out your garbage disposal? This is a relatively simple machine, but it makes a big difference in the kitchen. Don’t forget these upgrades with your overall design.


  1. Faucet Fixtures


Last but not least, you’ll be making some big decisions with your faucet fixtures. Have you made sure the faucet knobs and spouts will actually fit within your sink’s design? Will you need help securing their installation? Even if you’re planning to DIY most of your kitchen remodel, it can be a good idea to have a plumber out to set up your drinking water filter under the sink. These use special faucets and come in a variety of options.


Your Whole Home Plumbing Inspection


Starting with all the facts will help you avoid roadblocks as you start the demo process and get ready to rebuild and install your new kitchen appliances and designs. If you need help analyzing your current system, know that Fite Plumbing is here to help! Our skilled plumbers would be happy to meet with you to discuss your concerns before (or during) your kitchen remodel.


Feel free to send us a message or call to schedule your consultation. When we can take a closer look at your existing setup, you’ll have the information you need to make sure your plans for moving the fridge, adding a second sink, or everything else will be possible!