As a homeowner, one thing you shouldn’t mess with is a gas line. When installing a gas line, it is critical to consult a professional. Many people don’t know that plumbers are the pros to call for installing or moving a gas line.

These are the 4 top reasons to hire a professional plumber to install your gas line:

1. Safety for All

When working or living with natural gas, safety is key. A trained and licensed plumber can install and move a gas line safely. Homeowners will run a lower risk of a faulty gas system or potential of a gas leak or mishap.

2. It May Be Required by Law

Check your local and neighborhood regulations. The services of a licensed professional might be required for any permits or to pass inspections.

3. Plumber Experience and Knowledge

A lot of the pipes used in water and sewage plumbing are also used in gas lines. Your plumber will know which pipes to use for your job. This is especially important when you are repairing and retrofitting an existing gas line system. Usually, this is due to pipe materials corroding over time. When pipes are corroded or incorrectly installed, the chance of a slow, hazardous gas leak increases.

4. Plumbers Are Appliance Experts

If you are installing gas lines in your home, you are probably wanting to connect gas-powered appliances. A plumber can help install those types of appliances as well.

Now that we have talked briefly about installing or repairing or moving a gas line, let’s discuss when you should call a plumber if you suspect a GAS LEAK.

Be aware of these signs of a suspected leak in your gas lines:

Hissing Noises

If you are near a gas appliance and you hear slight hissing sounds you may have a significant gas leak.

Higher Gas Bills

If gas is escaping, more gas will be used, and your bills will increase.

Developing and Continuing Health Problems

Headaches, nausea, breathing problems, fatigue, flu symptoms, and dizziness can all be symptoms of natural gas exposure.

Do two things immediately: Relocate your family to another location and make an emergency call to a plumber!

For new installation or repairs of gas lines, call Fite Plumbing at 317-271-5400 to make an appointment. It is always better, especially when dealing with something potentially as dangerous as gas, to call in the pros.

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