If you are like over 25% of the U.S. population, you may be prone to procrastinating. Maybe you can afford to hit snooze four or five times when you’re alarm goes off or work on a big project the day before it’s due. But you cannot afford to procrastinate when it comes to dealing with sump pumps!
If you have a basement in Central Indiana, chances are good that your home uses a sump pump to keep water out of the underground level. And chances are it’s not often a topic of concern for you. But if you procrastinate taking care of it, your sump pump system may land you in a world of inconvenience and expense.
First, if your home doesn’t have a sump pump system, don’t procrastinate. Check into whether you would be better suited to have one installed. Most basements in this area require one, and you don’t want to find out you needed one after a big rainstorm leaves you sitting in your flooded basement wishing you had looked into getting a sump pump.
Additionally, if your sump pump has no backup system, or if the backup system hasn’t been used in a while, don’t procrastinate. Check your current backup system to make sure it will operate effectively if your main system loses power or stops working for some other reason. If not, get a new backup right away.
Finally, though sump pump maintenance probably isn’t at the top of your to-do list, don’t procrastinate. Sump pumps, like all major home appliances, require occasional maintenance. Clogs, ineffective pumping, or dirt-and-debris blockages could leave you with damaging and costly flooding cleanup.
Basement flooding causes a lengthy list of issues you don’t need. It is inconvenient to move furniture and belongings and dry out a basement. It is time-consuming and tedius to clean up mold and mildew damage resulting from flooding. And it is expensive and frustrating to replace property that has been water damaged – even more so if the structure of your home itself has been affected. Even a minor flood in your basement can cost thousands of dollars to clean up and restore!
Instead of regretting what you didn’t think to do, give some priority to the effectiveness of your sump pump and it’s backup system as soon as possible … before it’s too late!