The plumbing considerations for your bathroom remodel matter just as much as your tile choices and faucet and shower head fixtures. Making sure you’re getting the right advice on your plumbing will make a world of difference both now and down the road, should you ever need to make repairs.

It’s always a good idea to get a whole-house inspection to see what kind of plumbing you already have working. You might need to make adjustments beyond a new cabinet installation if you want your new bathroom layout to function with your existing plumbing. A smooth integration of your new designs with your old plumbing need to be discussed ahead of time. Then, assuming plumbing updates are needed in the walls, you can find the right contractor for the job.

A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to upgrade your drain size

Even if you don’t need to reconfigure your plumbing system to fit with a new placement for your bathroom sink or toilet, you might still consider making some minor updates to your pipes. You’ll typically see 1 ½-inch pipes used in residential drains. But when you think about all the gunk or hair that can get lodged in that size drain, you can see how a slightly larger drain will be less likely to clog.

Upgrading your drains to a 2-inch setup can be a great way to get some extra value in your bathroom remodel. If you’re already updating your shower and your framing allows for an improvement, swapping out these drains is a great course of action. As long as you place your tile at the right angles for good drainage, you’ll be sure to enjoy these drainage benefits.

Considering pipe placement during your bathroom remodel

As you work with your plumber or home inspector, be sure to discuss the design elements for your bathroom remodel. For example, are you interested in recessed medicine cabinets? This can save space and be sleek, but you need to have the right plumbing setup behind the walls. Make plans for pipes to run through another area if they get too close to these new features.

The same goes for your storage under the sink. Are your cabinets needing a more compact pipe assembly? Are you wanting to hide the plumbing work for your toilet in a more modern design look? You’ll have to check out what’s going on behind the walls. That includes where your walls are facing!

If you have plumbing along exterior walls, make sure it’s insulated properly for the cold winter weather. Your bathroom remodel team should be able to alert you to any concerns during the planning stage. Then you can make the necessary changes.

Time for the finishing touches

Once you’ve got all your pipes in order, you can really start to have fun with the main features of your bathroom. The finishing touches with your new faucets, shower heads, tubs, and toilets are what really make your bathroom remodel shine.

Our professional crew at Fite Plumbing knows that what goes on in your pipes isn’t always the most glamorous. But it still matters a whole lot for your project. We can help bring your dreams to life when you’re looking for real bathroom luxury. Just give us a shout to start mapping out your master plan. We’ll make sure all your plumbing is right where it should be to give you the best design possible.