With all the natural disasters this year, hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, and the fires in California, we have been hearing a lot of talk about emergency preparedness and go-bags. Might not seem like a likely topic for our blog here at Fite Plumbing, but all these situations are emergencies, and we certainly deal with our share of emergencies at Fite Plumbing!
Anyway, it got us to thinking about the situations that come up and it’s not uncommon for us to get emergency calls from people who are not even in the state. They are travelling or out of state for a few months. For instance, we have several clients who spend a good portion of the winter in Florida, the Carolinas or Texas. Then, of course, we have lots of clients who are off traveling to see the world on vacation.
Winter’s icy temperatures threaten pipes and fixtures. Spring and autumn both bring rain and thunderstorms that can take down power lines to prevent sump pumps from working and flood basements and homes across all of Indiana.

Are you prepared for a plumbing emergency?

Most people arrange to have someone checking in on their home while they are away. But it’s Murphy’s Law that reminds us that “what can go wrong, will go wrong.” Although it’s probably not true, it also seems that things go wrong at the least convenient time. So we have to ask, are you going to be prepared when your house sitter calls with bad news?
One of our customers shared how he prepares for an unnerving call about a plumbing (or other household) problem while he is gone. He says he has a list of all the service companies he usually works with that stays in the pocket of his suitcase. That way, he says, he always knows he can call someone he knows he can rely on to take care of the problem.
Good idea, don’t you think?
For those who are up with technology, you can add our phone number into your contacts on your phone. That way you have it with you wherever you happen to be – with or without your suitcase. Go ahead, we expect you probably have your phone sitting within a reach, so take the time to add us into your contacts. That is Fite Plumbing and the number is 317-271-5400. We answer the phone, or return calls shortly after they come in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have technicians on call and ready to help wherever needed. So don’t hesitate to call us – from wherever you are!
Proactive people who travel for extended periods have another option to protect their plumbing during the time they are absent during the winter. Fite Plumbing can winterize your plumbing pipes and fixtures to prevent issues in your home. That way, you don’t even need to worry about it. Just give us a call before your return and we can return everything back to working order in time for your return. (That makes another reason to add Fite Plumbing to contacts on your phone!)
We all agree that emergencies are never convenient. But with Fite Plumbing here to back you up, an inconvenience is just that, an annoying inconvenience, not a disaster!