Thinking of upgrading your bathroom or getting a new kitchen sink? Vessel sinks are beautiful, but they’re not the right choice for every homeowner. There are many benefits, but many disadvantages as well. Depending on your budget, family, and lifestyle, a vessel sink could be the perfect option. However, it could also be a poor choice.


Benefits of Vessel Sinks


The truth is that this type of sink has many advantages besides being unique and, often, gorgeous. They typically aren’t the most affordable options, but here are some benefits to consider.

  • Less splashing

Considering that the height of a vessel sink, you can be sure you won’t be soaking your countertops every time you wash your hands or clean the dishes. But also consider where your hands and arms will naturally fall as you use this kind of sink. It might feel perfect, or it might feel awkward and uncomfortable.

  • Great for tall people

Do you live with tall people? Maybe you hadn’t thought about it, but these types of sinks are ideal for tall people.  Taller people won’t have to bend down as much to wash their hands, which is always appreciated.

  • Wide variety of materials

A vessel sink offers lots of options in a wide variety of materials. You’ll see the classic white porcelain, but also colored porcelain and even stone, metal, wood, and elegant glass vessel sinks. This makes it one of the most aesthetically pleasing decorating options on the market.

Disadvantages of Vessel Sinks

Gorgeous vessel sinks are ideal for modern bathrooms, but function doesn’t necessarily follow form. There are drawbacks to this beautiful décor.

  • High price

Perhaps the most significant disadvantage is the price of these sinks. They’re usually much more expensive than traditional sinks. However, there are always options for every budget when you’re thinking of remodeling or upgrading plumbing. For more expert advice on finding the right sink for your next upgrade or remodel, call Fite Plumbing at 317-271-5400.

  • Expensive taps

These models, in addition to being expensive, require more expensive accessories as well. For example, they need tall taps that are always more expensive than conventional faucets.

  • Loss of space

Yes, the vessel sink is trendy, and it looks nice, but you lose a lot of countertop space if you choose to install one. The sink becomes the focal point, offering no additional storage. In fact, the vessel sink will largely limit things you can store on a small countertop.

  • No overflow relief

Overflow relief is the slot near the upper part of a tub or sink that helps the water drain automatically if it reaches a certain point. It’s sort of like an emergency hatch if your sink overflows. Vessel sinks don’t allow for an overflow drain. This is another disadvantage in which form overrides function. If you’re worried about proper draining, you might want to reconsider a vessel sink.

  • Not great for short people

While the vessel sink is a benefit for tall people, the inverse is true. Short people and children will have a more difficult time using a vessel sink. Keep in mind that when installing a vessel sink, there is an increase in the height of the basin, which is normally about three feet on its own.

Have you been swayed one way or another on vessel sinks? Our skilled professionals can answer all of your questions about sinks, basins, plumbing, and more. We’re making service calls at this time, so give us a call at 317-271-5400 or email us through the website. We can’t wait to help you choose the right sink for your life.

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