Deciding whether you should put money into water softener repairs or make the jump to a brand-new system can be quite a challenge. You don’t want hard water in your home, but you also shouldn’t spend more than you need to for soft water every day. If you don’t know what to expect with your softener, you might not realize that some of those problems you’re having can actually be solved rather quickly.

Common Water Softener Problems

Water Softener Repair for Central IndianaTypically, the first sign that something is wrong with your water softener is that you start noticing hard water problems returning around your home. Seeing water spots on your clean dishes or even just feeling a change in how your shower water feels can be a good indication that something isn’t right with your system.

  1. Not Enough Salt

Softeners need salt in order to treat your water properly. Without salt, the system will just end up sending hard water throughout your home. Make sure your unit is over half-way full of salt at all times. This simple fix might be all you need to get soft water back in your pipes.

  1. Salt Dome in the Tank

Other times, you might find a hard salt dome inside your softener’s tank. This usually happens with lower-quality salt. Rock salt is less expensive, but can often create a tough build-up inside your system. If you see this inside your unit, try breaking up the salt dome and cleaning out the debris. Then refill it with fresh salt to see if that helps address the problem.

  1. Old Age in Softeners

If you notice the “recharge” process is taking longer than normal and your system is already over 10 years old, you might be better off making arrangements for a new water softener. As with all appliances, over time, your softener simply won’t be able to keep up and will start to wear down. Talking with an expert can help you decide if it’s truly time to replace.
Hard water dries out skin and hair and leaves water spots and scale deposits on every fixture in your home. If your softener has enough salt and you don’t see a salt dome in your unit, call out a plumbing expert to see if there’s another issue with your system. They’ll either be able to fix the problem, or advise you on new system benefits.

Replacing Your Water Softener

If your current system is beyond repair (or the cost estimate to repair is just too high) you’ll probably be better off with a brand-new water softener. The latest systems are built for efficiency, which can be a real asset for your home. They often don’t require as much salt to soften your water and tend to use less water, too.
Choosing a new water softener all depends on the size of your home and your current water quality issues. For example, if you have a big family and go through lots of water in the week, you might be better off with a unit that has a larger capacity. (Every shower, load of laundry, and running the dishwasher can really add up for water usage!)
Then again, if your water usage is low, you might be able to save more in the long run by purchasing a new system that’s smaller, and more appropriate for your needs. Working with a trust plumbing company can help you determine the best unit for you and your home. Fite Plumbing would be happy to talk through your options.

Water Softener Repairs with Fite Plumbing

Knowing how to move forward with your water softener unit can be tricky. Let the professionals at Fite Plumbing help you out. Our experienced plumbing experts are here to answer all your questions about water softener repairs. We even install new systems so you can get high-quality water everyone in your home.
Whether you’re having problems with your water softener or another plumbing unit, you can always count on Fite Plumbing. Give us a call at 317-271-5400 or send us a message to start the process. Our reliable service will help you get the soft water you want and need!