One of the growing trends for homes is a dog cleaning station, or dog washing station. A bonus is that the real estate industry also proclaims it is one of those well-worth-the-investment improvements you can make to your home. Here at Fite Plumbing, we are seeing more and more of these handy stations pop up in both existing and new construction homes.
With that in mind, we have collected some tips in designing and installing one in your home.

Where to install a dog washing station

The perfect location, according to many design experts, is in a laundry room or mud room. That way animals can be cleaned up before tracking dirt and mud through the house. Another reason to select a laundry room is that plumbing is already nearby. And, as an aside, the station can be used for other tasks as well.

Design tips for a dog washing station

  • Many designers suggest using a mop sink as the base since the large tub will accommodate most breeds and the sides are at a manageable height to lift animals in and out and still contain the bath water. You will want a tub that is made from strong and durable material.
  • A surround, either a one-piece or tiled walls is also suggested. In other words, think of it as you would a bathtub or shower.
  • A shelf is really handy. In addition, many designers suggest including a shelf of some kind to hold shampoo and other supplies. Some actually install a shelf while others construct a half wall with a countertop akin to one in a kitchen.

All of these elements can provide décor and design elements to make them attractive in addition to being utilitarian.

Height of a dog washing station

This is one consideration that is really important and you can think about it from two different angles:
At Floor Level. If you have a large breed dog, lifting the pet might be cumbersome and difficult, prompting you to choose to install the dog washing station at floor level. There are a couple of things to remember if this is your choice. First, you will be kneeling on the floor and leaning over to accomplish a clean dog. Second, the drain trap will be under the station as well. If you have access through a basement or crawlspace, this might not be an issue. But you will want to prevent animal hair from going down the drain as much as possible to prevent clogs.
About Waist Level. An above ground level station requires lifting the animal in and out, but the short sides of the tub will allow for less strain in doing so. The animal, depending on its size will be able to be cleaned and still be contained in the tub. This height also means you will have greater leverage by standing next to the animal, which can be important if your pet is less than cooperative. Another benefit is that the drain pipe will be more readily accessible under the station in case of clogs.
Of course, most homeowners make decisions based on current needs. If you have a Golden Lab, you might prefer a floor level station – now. But animals and homeowners change so give some thought to the future as well.
In addition, if you will use the station for other reasons, like you would a laundry tub, take those into consideration as well.

Fixture considerations for a dog washing station

Of course, one of the prime reasons for having a dog washing station includes the use of a sprayer so be sure that the fixture you choose includes one. It is recommended that the fixtures for the station be installed on the wall like in a shower. That way they are above the head of the animal and you aren’t struggling to wet down or rinse the dog, no matter what its size is. In addition, with controls mounted above, you won’t have to worry about an uncooperative animal hitting them and turning water that is just the right temperature into a scalding danger.
With the experience and resources developed over years, Fite Plumbing can help you select and install fixtures for your new pet washing station.
Putting in a dog washing station will mean running new plumbing lines and pipes and Fite Plumbing can get that done for you, too! Sometimes people only think of plumbers when they have problems, but helping to create new areas like a dog washing station is right in our wheelhouse. It’s always fun to work with clients who start out with a smile. Although we are used to turning frowns over problems into smiles with solutions. It’s just a different way to start a job.
Whether you have a problem that needs a solution, or are ready to install something new like a dog washing station, Fite Plumbing is ready to serve. Call us today at 317-271-5400 or send us a note via our website and we’ll get started on your project!